Biological Dentistry

Differences Between The Biological Dentist and The Traditional Dentist

All dentists have gone to dental school and have a dental degree. Biological/holistic dentists are no different in this regard. They also offer traditional dental services, like bi-annual cleanings, cavity fillings, and treatment for periodontal disease. However, they have had additional training to look at dental problems with a whole-body approach.

The difference between these two types of dentists is their approach to the practice of dentistry. A traditional dentist often treats symptoms, while a biological dentist tries to find the root cause of the problem.

A traditional dentist may see a cavity, remove the decay, and fill it with amalgam or composite. A holistic dentist wants to know about the patient’s diet, alcohol consumption, hormones, and quality of sleep that may promote healing and prevent further problems.

Holistic dentists use biocompatible materials that are non-toxic and safe. They may recommend alternative treatments that could necessitate the loss of a tooth for the health of the entire body. 

Traditional dentists may still use mercury fillings, advise you to keep necrotic and dead teeth with procedures such as root canal therapy, or use other materials that can negatively impact overall health.

Everyone is different and some people that can have little to no symptoms with a certain level of toxins, may affect others in a drastic way. Holistic dentists can't promise you a life without toxins, they just don't see why they should be the source of them.  

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